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Liz Hulley

Train Insane has changed the way I think about training and fitness. I joined wanting to lose weight and feel better in my clothes. I ultimately ended up in the best shape of my life and winning my first physique competition. Not at all what I imagined I could do but with the right coaching, it’s amazing what you can accomplish! I have and continue to highly recommend this program!

Melissa Loya

I absolutely love my gym! And when you join that's what it becomes, your gym. You join a family. A family of support and no judgement. You don't just get a class time to show up at, you get nutrition consultation, stretching/mobility direction, rolling out, workouts that are tailored to your level of fitness and utmost is the focus on safety/correctly doing the movements! So far im down 30lbs and seeing muscle definition!!! Cant wait to see what Ill be looking like in the next 6 months! Check it out you wont be disappointed!

Suzi Flores

They have the best trainers. I love that they make sure to get to know every member and are always there to help throughout each person's personal program. . The nutrition support has been great. I was already on my path to losing weight but the calls with Geoff have changed the way I eat and think about food and fitness. I am not a morning person and now get up at 5:15 AM five days a week I would recommend Train Insane to everyone, just don't fill up my class time.


Results Train Insane Gym

Part 1

Weight Training

Lori Cheyene

Only gym I’ve ever belonged to that I actually used the membership and went to class! 8 years here and still going strong. The coaches are patient and truly know what they’re doing. Give it a try, you won’t be sorry!

Jaffline Liau

A gym that has a great program, nutrition program, and coaches who care for their members. It's like Family! Members are supportive and it's all about making you be better than you were yesterday!

Justine Koo

Top notch - Train Insane delivers results to anyone who's willing to put in work. I love this gym & can't say enough good things about it. Come check it out & see what it can do for YOU!
Results Train Insane Gym

Part 2

Nutrition Coaching

Asmita Jadhav

Train Insane is LEGIT! I came from a bootcamp circuit type gym where we did alot of heavy lifting and cardio circuit training, but there was no real structure to it. TRAIN INSANE, however, has a dedicated program that you easily jump into and start on a clear path. I love that we all have composition books and write what our workouts were, what weight we used, etc, so that we are now holding ourselves accountable. And each time you do an exercise you have a reference of what you did, so the next time you can try adding weight/reps.

Anglia Formisano

I cannot express how fantastic this workout program is!! I've been training with TI for about 8 years now and the results I have seen and continue to see are incredible! My endurance and stamina in the workouts have increased immensely, and I see an amazing difference in my body - toning up, muscle definition, and my clothes fit better each day. There are a wide range of people who attend the workouts, so it is definitely tailored to all different body types and everyone's individual goals. I highly and passionately recommend Train Insane Gym to all.

Traci Hernandez

This gym is AMAZING. I had a personal trainer at another gym for the last two years. I definitely progressed my body and got stronger during that time, but it was very expensive and a challenge to continually pay for the services. . After doing the math and seeing how much money I could save and how much MORE training I could do for less money, I went in for a trial, with the first workout free - what did I have to lose? After the first class, I went in the office and begged them to let me sign up for a full year. If you're looking for a place that will be supportive, this is the place for you...I just can't recommend it enough.
Results Train Insane Gym

Part 3

Our Coaching Staff

Melissa Lindsey

Train Insane is an amazing gym!! The trainers, are extremely helpful. I have been attending for about a year and I have attained great results.Train Insane has helped me get my pre-baby body back. The workouts are always changing, challenging, and fun. I love that I am always sore after each workout and my body is always being challenged. I would reccomend Train Insane to anyone who wants to get into great shape.

Hannah Etherson

Train Insane is awesome!!! The coaches are great and really make the workouts fun! I don't miss going to the gym and randomly walking around trying to figure out something to Train Insane the workouts are different and progressive! The people who go to their gym are all really friendly and we all try to motivate each other to get the workout done! I would highly recommend Train Insane to anyone who wants a fresh new fun workout while enjoying the company of others!

Brenda Herrera

I've been attending this gym for almost 5 yrs now & my only regret is not joining sooner. The coaches are very knowledgeable, patient, & caring. At this gym, you learn how to lift with proper form. All workouts are thoughtfully programmed, the point is to make each person leaner & stronger & not just exhaust or injure members. In addition to the wonderful training, the coaches also provide nutrition consultations that help you achieve a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym. I definitely encourage people to give it a try. Unlike other gyms, this is a friendly environment. All members are willing to help & encourage one another. It becomes your 2nd family.

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