How Fast Can I Lose Weight?

So I wanted to get my thoughts out on a topic that I seem to be discussing a lot these days. This is the topic of “how fast will it take me to…fill in the blank. It seems that everyone starting a fitness program is only concerned with how fast they can get to their goal. What is it that you think will happen when you get there? Do you think that once you get there you can just go back to the poor eating habits and lazy behavior that put all that weight on in the first place?

If you do, you are in for a big reality check. You shouldn't be worried about how long it takes you to get to your goal, rather learning all you can so that you can maintain it once you get there. Look, I know a TON of people that have lost 20,30, even 50 pounds at some point in their life, but not many that have maintained it. Why do you think that is? 

Is it because those people were just supposed to be fat and it was inevitable that they would return? (I’m sure they would like to think that) or is it because they reverted back to the old habits that got them there in the first place? 

Let’s be realistic here for a second. If you spend 30 years of your life doing little or nothing to improve your level of fitness, do you think it is reasonable to expect to fix it in 1 month? How about 6? or even a year?

The reality is that the all those fitness models that many of you follow on Instagram and Twitter have been training their asses off and nailing their nutrition for years. They didn’t roll out of bed after a night of binge drinking and Taco Bell with abs. Yet every week someone will bring me one of these pictures and say “How long till I can look like her”. Can you see why that is a little ridiculous? 

When you start a program, no matter if you are trying to lose 5 pounds or 50, you need to focus on the process not the product. What I mean by that is your end product (hot body) is only possible because of the process you went through to get it. You can’t have one without the other, and more importantly, you can’t have one before the other.

At the end of the day you have to realize that the way your body looks is the sum of all the work you have put in to date. If you were to express your training history and clean eating habits as a ratio of good to bad for your whole life, what would it look like? 50/50? 30/70? Think about that the next time you get frustrated with how fast your results are coming. Focus on making that ratio better and better, and I guarantee you will be happy with the result.