Have You Out Grown Your Fitness Routine?

Have you ever noticed how people can do the exact same fitness routine for a period of time, and see results for a while but then start to plateau?

Why is that?

It’s frustrating when you are the person going through a fitness routine, putting in the work, and not seeing the progress you want. 

It is easy to think that you need MORE training, or LESS calories, or something else that will make your life more miserable or difficult. 

In reality, many times, you have outgrown your current fitness routine.  

What worked for so long is officially not enough stimulus to generate new progress.  

So what do you do now?

We see this a lot from people that started out at Bootcamp, or HIIT type workouts.  They get into the program having not worked out for some time, and of course in the beginning anything is better that what you were doing. 

But eventually results and progress slow down.  You feel like you are working harder than you ever have, and still aren't seeing the changes. What is happening?

The problem is that you have graduated from a beginner or novice, into an intermediate when it comes to your training.  Gone are the days when any random workout will still generate results.  

What you need now is a PROGRAM.  One that is set up to keep you progressing in the long term. You need someone to set up a program that is focused on your goals of losing body fat and building muscle.

You need help with your NUTRITION.  The fad diets that once worked are no longer enough to keep you progressing.  You need someone to dial in your nutrition and set up a plan specifically for you.  

You need to step out of your comfort zone, and graduate to a program that is better suited for your goals.  For most of you that means you will need to start training with weights.  Not doing light weight as fast as you can, but putting enough weight on the bar that form and technique are imperative to your safety.

At Train Insane, our program is perfect for people that have reached that intermediate level and are looking to keep progressing.  If this sounds like you, and you are ready to finally get the results you have always wanted, CLICK HERE and come check us out.    


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