Do Alcohol and Fat Loss Mix?

If there is topic that will just NOT stop coming up when I talk about nutrition, it is ALCOHOL. “Can I still drink”, “How much is ok”, “Do I really have to stop drinking”? I have always answered all these questions the exact same way...How fast do you want to see results? You see the reality is that no matter how much you like alcohol, it will NEVER help you reach your fitness goals.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is possible to drink from time to time and still maintain a fit body. However, if you insist on drinking while trying to achieve your fit body, you are only prolonging the process. This has always seemed strange to me in a world where everyone wants everything RIGHT NOW…until you tell them they can’t drink, and then they act like they have to decide between fat loss and chopping off a hand.

I know what you’re thinking, “What if I just have 2 drinks and that’s it?” (Cue my disapproving face) No matter what your intentions are, you will end up having more than 2 drinks. This is because it is actually harder to stop drinking than to not start at all. Let’s just see if this sounds familiar. You have a night planned out with your friends. You decide before you leave your house, “I’m only going to have 2 drinks tonight, I can do it, I have WILL POWER!” Then you get to the bar and finish your 2 drinks. You realize that you didn't really pace yourself as well as you would have liked because you've only been there for 30 MINUTES!!!

Now you don’t have a drink in your hand (unacceptable in most friend circles), cue your friends giving you crap about not drinking. You can only take that nagging for so long. You cave in have 3 more drinks, and end up in the Del Taco drive thru at 2am? Am I close?

You had the best of intentions, and yet ended up not only drinking more than you planned, but eating some of the WORST (shut up Del Taco is horrible) fast food in the world. Here is the best advice I can give you on how to get through nights like this.

Order your first drink mixed with something 0 calorie. It could be diet coke, club soda, whatever. In between ordering your first and second drink pull your waiter/waitress aside and tell them that for the rest of the night you don’t want any alcohol in your drinks. Tell them that no matter what anyone says about buying you a drink, or when you order “another one” you only want the mixer, in the same glass. Now every time you order another drink, you are drinking diet coke, and no one is the wiser. Try this next time you go out. I’ll bet you have just as much fun, and won’t miss the hangover at all. 

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