Fitness Minus The BS Podcast

I sit down with Merrill Nordin to talk about Keto, Fasting, Cleanses, Paleo, and more. (I also accidentally invent the Girl Scout Cookie Diet)  I sat down with Brittany Arabi and Kirsten Almario to talk about their journey from just wanting to get in better shape, to competing in bikini and weightlifting competitions.


 This week I sit down with my wife Hannah to talk about how to “un-funk” yourself. How to break out of those times in your life when motivation is low, and working out is the last thing on your mind.


 I sit down with Coach Marco Perez B.S. Kinesiology, and one of our members Autumn Emmons to discuss Misconceptions about dieting, fat loss, cardio, and how you can sift through the B.S.

I talk with Hannah Etherson and Merrill Nordin about how they deal with the “mom guilt” and the gym. How do they justify the time they spend at the gym away from their kids?

Angelia talks women and weightlifting and all the nonsense that goes with it. Learn about her own journey to get fit and her struggle to overcome her misconceptions.

What do you do when fitness motivation fades in February? How do you get back on track? Well, start with this podcast.