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Self myofascial release

A technique utilizing a roller to manipulate soft tissue by putting pressure on targeted areas of the body. This causes the muscles to relax, leading to an increase in blood flow to the area to improve recovery, and returning them to their proper length and achieving a full range of motion. (more info)

Movement preparation

Once we have returned our muscles to their proper length, we then do our movement prep/warm-up. This is done to excite and turn muscles on. Think of it like a light dimmer switch, movement prep is like turning the dimmer switch all the way up. We choose movements that will prepare your nervous system for the upcoming workout, minimizing muscle pulls, and strains.​


Core strengthening

Now that we have addressed SMR and proper range of motion, we make sure we have good pillar or core strength. This is a crucial part of our program because the limbs of our body originate outward from our trunk which is also referred to as our core. We are only as strong as our weakest link therefore it is critical we have adequate core strength before moving onto the other dimensions of fitness. We use core exercises that focus on statically contracting the muscles of your core. This will stabilize your spine, and prepare you for the loaded exercises in the next tier.(more info)

Total body strength training

We utilize many traditional and non-traditional approaches to total body strength training.  Train Insane uses an ever changing combination of Barbell Training, Kettle bells, Medicine Balls, Gymnastic Movements, Plyometrics, and Body Weight to ensure a different full body workout every time. The focus here is giving you strength that will help you in your day to day life. There are not too many people that get much function out of bigger biceps. That is why we focus on training muscles as a unit, the same way that they work together in your daily life. This program is based on the principle of progressive overload, and constantly changing, to make sure that progress in constantly made.


Metabolic conditioning

We use metabolic conditioning to not only strengthen your heart and lungs, but also shed that unwanted body fat. Simply put, we are conditioning your metabolism to become more efficient. By this we mean, produce energy faster. The bonus here is that your metabolism isn’t just working faster while you are training, but up to 48 hours after the end of your session.(more info)


You will not find any fad diets here.  At Train Insane, each member will have a one on one meeting with a coach to go over their nutrition program, and check ins every 2 weeks there after.  Now this is not like any program you have ever been part of.  This program is implemented in 2 week increments ensuring you are able to make small changes over time, increasing your likelihood of success.  (more info)