Will Lifting Weights Make Women Bulky?

I don’t know how many articles it is going to take for women to understand that lifting weights will NOT make them bulky, manly, muscley, masculine, big, or any other dumb notion they may have.  

Every time I hear a woman say this to me, I can’t help but look at them like they are an old VCR, like, they still make you?  Unfortunately, it is proven to me every week that women still believe this fallacy.  I realize that most women are not connected to the same fitness communities that I am, and probably don’t see all the articles that I do every week on this topic.

Part of the problem, (to my utter disgust) is other men and women that make ladies trying to better themselves feel this way.  Each and every woman in my gym that has transformed her body with weight training and metabolic conditioning has at some point had a “friend” co-worker, boyfriend, or husband make a back handed compliment about them gaining muscle.  “You look great, but be careful with all those weights, don’t get too bulky”,  “Be careful, your arms are getting really big” or my favorite, “Aren’t you worried about looking manly?  All of this is utter bullshit, not to mention petty jealousy.  

Is it any wonder that the people who say these things have also been struggling to lose weight forever?  If you pay attention, you will notice that the people saying these things are NEVER fit themselves.  There is a reason that through all the fad diets, pills, potions, DVD workouts, and jazzercise classes that weightlifting has stood the test of time.  IT WORKS!  I don’t understand why people can’t see this logic.

I have ladies sit across from me every week, and point out someone on our page of transformations, and say “I want to look just like that, but I don’t want to get all bulky”…  Is the lady in the picture bulky?  Then what the hell are you talking about?  Look, if I made women bulky and manly (whatever the hell that means) I would be out of a job because I don’t know too many ladies out there with that goal.  But my guess is that if you are reading this post, it is probably because you have seen our transformations, and you wouldn’t mind becoming one yourself, therefore you know what our program produces.  Guess how we do it??? Heavy ass weights!!!  

Stop listening to people that have no idea what they are talking about.  Would you take dental advice from someone with no teeth?  Then why would you take fat loss advice from someone that is overweight?  Do you think they have the secret, they just aren’t using it?  Sometimes we just need to admit that we don’t know what we are doing.  You can read all the books, articles, watch all the Dr. Oz episodes(don’t get me started) you want, but at the end of the day if you are either moving toward your goal, or you are getting further away.

Let me close by saying that if you are struggling with your fat loss, or fitness journey and are not currently using resistance training you need to start.  If you are unsure about how to start, CLICK HERE and send us a message. 

It is my mission to make being a strong woman the norm.  Don’t let others make you feel weird or self conscious about your body.  Strong is beautiful!

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