Why "I just eat healthy and workout" Doesn't Work...

At some point people will have to admit to themselves that the "I just make good food choices, and workout" approach will only take you so far. I'm not saying that this approach won't work, in fact, it may work well for a period of time.The problem is what to do when it stops working? You have no data, nothing to manipulate in order to keep your progress moving. At some point, you run out of carbs to cut, energy to train, and hours in the day with which to do more cardio. Then what?

The unfortunate truth is that calories matter, and training programs need to be changed over time. What may seem like a pain in the ass on the front end, will end up being the only thing that keeps you progressing in the weeks to come.  If you have every hit a plateau you know exactly what I am talking about.  

At that point what do you do, eat cleaner?  Workout more?  You need to have variables to increase or decrease as time goes on.  

That is exactly what we do for our clients at Train Insane.  We write the programs, the nutrition plan, the cardio, and adjust all of them on a weekly basis.  

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