Should You Be Fasting???

What’s the best way to eat for fat loss? Two popular eat-for-fat-loss strategies that you’ve probably heard of are Intermittent Fasting OR Macro Tracking.

Which strategy works best? And which should you follow? Let’s find out…

Intermittent Fasting: this eating strategy cycles between periods of eating and periods of fasting. The content of your meals during eating periods is not a factor. Some cycle between eating and fasting each day, creating a small window for eating and fasting for at least 16 hours, while others cycle eating and fasting across several days, taking as much as 48 hours at a time to fast.


1. It is easier because you don't have to think about what you are eating.

2. You have more freedom to eat things that are more palatable.

3. It could lower your overall calorie intake resulting in fat loss.


1. Going long periods of time without protein will risk muscle loss.

2. Energy levels will crash after going long periods of time without food.

3. Hard to resist food during fasting periods.

4. May still not result in fat loss if calorie intake is too high.

Macro Tracking

This eating strategy breaks down your calorie intake into 3 macro nutrient groups (Carbs, Fats, and Protein). By understanding these 3 groups you will have the ability to set up a meal plan that makes sense for your lifestyle.  


1. Actually teaches you about nutrition and how to plan out your meals.

2. Is a sustainable way to live your life even after you lose the body fat.

3. Will allow you to track your calorie intake to make sure you are in a deficit and actually losing body fat each week.

4. Allows you to create a plan each week.


1. Upfront investment in time and effort to learn.

2. Involves prepping meals, and for a time weighing and measuring food.

3. Is harder in the beginning than most other forms of dieting.

Conclusion: The facts are out there to prove that both of these eat-for-fat-loss strategies work. There are photos of real, actual people who have subscribed to each of these methods and have gone from flabby to lean. Both methods irrefutably work.

But the question is WHY?

The answer is that ANY diet will work as long as it creates a calorie deficit.  That is, you burn more calories than you eat.

That being said, the best diet is the one that you can see yourself sticking to long term, and not just while you are trying to lose the fat. 


When it comes down to you choosing your own eating strategy it’s important to determine what will work best with your lifestyle. The key is to figure out a plan for restricting calories that you would realistically be motivated to stick with. 

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