Magic Pills for Fat Loss

Are you getting the results you want out of your fitness quest?  Are you seeing the pounds come off, and your body changing?  If so, CONGRATS!  You are part of a very small group of people that are.  If not, please keep reading. (Keep reading even if you are, you’ll learn some stuff)

These days fitness advice is given out as frequently as handshakes.  The difference being that we all agree on how to shake hands. 

There are more “fitness experts” out there touting nonsensical (it’s a word) B.S. than ever before.  All of them using catchy tag words like “cleanse” or “detox”.  How many of you even know what those things are?

The truth is that those things are popular because they promise faster results, without all that pesky hard work.  When I see this stuff, I am reminded of the many get rich quick schemes that I have heard over the years.  The only difference is that when people didn’t make any money, they wised up and stopped believing the nonsense those guys were spouting.

Only in the fitness industry do the customers seem to have memory loss when it comes to the lies they are told.  How many of you have purchased multiple “miracle” pills only to find out that you would have been just as successful taking a multivitamin?  If these pills were miracles, do you really think they would be $20 a bottle?  Pretty sure that if someone had the perfect body in a bottle it would cost a little bit more money.

How long are you going to wait for that magic bullet before you realize there isn’t one?  Look, this may sound crazy, but maybe it is time you considered the possibility that diet and exercise really are the answer.  Maybe, just maybe, the one thing that you keep avoiding is the magic bullet, and all you have to do is pull the trigger.

Maybe one day someone will come up with a magic pill that will give you the body of your dreams without doing any work whatsoever.  But until that day comes, you have a choice to make.  You can either sit around or wait, or you can take control and start working toward healthier YOU.

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