"I Better Have Lost Weight This Week"

“I better have lost weight this week.”

I am willing to bet that all of you have said these words at least once. The thought process behind this statement seems to be, I followed some kind of plan for X amount of time, and therefore the scale needs to go down X amount or I’m going to…do what exactly? Get mad? Give up? Stomp your foot?.  I can tell you with certainty that none of those things are going to help your situation.  


It’s interesting to me that most of the time this statement is coming from someone who has just spent multiple weeks, maybe even months or years gaining weight. When they were doing whatever they wanted, their weight didn’t seem to bother them. However, once they decide to get it together, their body had better respond to their 1 or 2 weeks of dieting IMMEDIATELY!

In the same way that your body most likely resisted gaining weight for the first couple of weeks you went off the deep end, it will also resist losing. You see, your body doesn’t want to change… at all… ever. Every change in weight you have ever put your body through, was done so by force.


You either ate too many calories for so long, it had no choice but to store all those extra calories as body fat. Or, you ate too few calories for so long, that it had no choice but to lose body fat. It is really that simple. The problem is that it is way easier to over eat than it is to under eat. Add to that the fact that nobody runs and jumps on the scale every morning when they know they’re eating crap every day, and you have a recipe for disaster.


On the other hand, EVERYONE gets on the scale every day when they are dieting expecting to lose multiple pounds a day.  


Think about this, for every pound of body fat that you gain, that means you ate around 3,500 more calories than you used(calorie surplus). That’s a lot! But it works both ways. In order to take that pound off, you have to burn 3,500 more than you eat(calorie deficit), and that sucks way worse than eating 3500, and also takes longer.  Most people could eat an extra 3500 calories in a day, but burning an extra 3500?  Not so easy.  It is difficult for most people to create that kind of deficit in a week, and that is why the process of losing takes so much longer than gaining.    


So the next time you decide that you are going to start a diet to drop all this extra body fat you have put on for weeks, months, or years, I have a proposition for you. Commit to a program for at least as long as you decided you didn’t care about your diet. I will bet that by the end of that period, you will see a noticeable difference in your body. Now I didn’t say it will fix everything, but staying consistent for that long will ensure that you will start to see the scale move in the other direction, and on your way to the body you want.  

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