How to Avoid a Plateau

If you have been training for any amount of time, and your results seem to have plateaued, there is a good chance that you have exhausted your current training routine.  This is a problem that many don’t even realize they have, but it is a major issue.  Plateau is one of the biggest reasons people give up on their fitness goals.

People hit a plateau, don’t know what to do, and give up.  For the purposes of this article, let’s say that your goal is fat loss and muscle gain (2 most common goals), and you hit a plateau.  What do you do?

Well, you have to make some changes.  But what do you change? Do you change your food?  If you’re not tracking your food that is going to be pretty difficult.  Do you change your workout routine? Do you even have one? Or are you just doing what you feel like every day?

You can see why most people struggle at this point.  They don’t even have any data to alter if they knew what to do.  The problem is that don’t have any data, and they don’t know what to do which leads to frustration, and eventually giving up.  

The following are some steps you can take to break through  plateau to you can keep making progress.

  1. Increase your training volume:  Over time your body will adapt to the stimulus that you are using and it will need to increase. If you are training with weights this means more reps, sets, or weight (all need to be adjusted).  This will increase the stimulus, and keep you making progress.
  2. You need to Increase or decrease your calories:  If you are trying to change your body composition (lose fat/gain muscle) your calories need to be your priority.  You can’t lose fat or build muscle if you are eating the wrong amount of calories.
  3. You need to change up your routine:  Every couple months you need to rotate your exercises and rep ranges.  If you use the same exercises over and over in the same rep ranges, they get stale.  Changing them up will change joint angles and generate a different stimulus and thus new progress (ex. Going from back squat to front squat).  

The main takeaway here is that you have to have a plan with your training if you want to keep making progress.  At some point you will have exhausted the “newbie gains” that you can get with random workouts and not tracking.  This is where having a coach becomes extremely valuable.  These are the adjustments that we make for our members every week.  All they have to do is follow the plan that we create for them.

Learn more about how our coaching staff can help you HERE, or if you live too far away, our online coaching program HERE.

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