How Long Will it Take? (to lose weight)

So I think this is a fitting depiction after posting all the bikini photos this week. 

I have gotten quite a few private messages asking how long it took for Pauline to go from point A to point B, and frankly most people don't like the answer.

Now if you are talking about getting ready for this particular show, it took about 6 months. However, it has taken her 3 years to be in a place where she was capable of doing what it took for those 6 months.

For me to pretend like what she did is possible in 6 months time would be a lie. I really do my best to be overly honest with people when it comes to fitness. There are enough people out there trying to bullshit you already. 

For someone to start today, and think that they can do what she did in 6 months would completely disregard all the ground work that was laid for the last 3 years. 

Prior to the last 6 months she had perfected her understanding of nutrition (at least enough for me to make weekly adjustments). She built up her strength and knowledge of lifting so that she was able to work hard enough to build and maintain muscle. She learned how to food prep, and stay on top of her meal timing. Most importantly she learned how to be patient, and trust the process.

To act like she did this in 6 months would be ignoring everything under the podium in that photo, and that is what made it all possible. 

The reason that most people will never achieve their goal is that they are too worried about the podium, but not willing to lay the foundation that will allow them to get there. 

In summary, start now, forget about the finish line, and work your ass off. You will get there, but never as fast as you want to.  

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