3 Things You Need to Succeed

After having our second photo shoot at Train Insane in Anaheim this past Sunday, I have been thinking a lot about the people that were part of the shoot. You see, our photo shoots are to take after pictures of our members. We want to really be able to showcase the hard work that they put into their bodies, so we give them the full “fitness model” treatment.
 Anyway, after posting one of the photos, and seeing the AMAZING response that we got, I started thinking about what made these people different from the rest? Why have these people seen such great success in the gym, while other people struggle year after year???
 Well I have come up with an answer, well 3 answers. HARD WORK, CONSISTENCY, and DEDICATION. I realized that all of the people taking after photos had all three of these things, and while many people have 1 or 2, it is the TRIO that makes it happen. Now I am not just rambling off cliché words here, I will explain all three.
HARD WORK- One of the biggest things I notice right away about these people is the work they put in. Whether we are lifting, conditioning, or just practicing a movement, they are ALL IN, ALL THE TIME. They are consistently lifting at the top of the class, and setting new PR's.
They are always operating in what I call “5th” gear, meaning that when the workout gets tough, they don't phone it in and cruise, they push through. They are never the ones in class that need to be told to use more weight, or are trying cheat reps, or do half reps. Every day you are in the gym you are either getting better, or getting worse, there is no such thing as maintaining. (This is different from maintaining your weight)
CONSISTENCY- This is a big one. This is the number one thing that I have to preach to people about all the time. I don't care how much intensity you have, or how dedicated your are if it is only part time. You have got to be consistent.  Fitness is not something that you achieve one time, then wipe your forehead and say “glad that's over.” It is a process that you will need to keep up for as long as you want to be fit. Training for 2 weeks or even 2 months and giving up because “nothing happened” is NOT how it's done. You have to understand that your body is not on your schedule. It is not going to lose fat, build muscle, or get stronger on your own made up schedule. It will do all of these things, but only when you have put in the work to EARN them.  All of these things are a product of the "stress" you impose on your body.  If you don't lift the weight, eat the food, or put down the cupcakes it aint gonna happen.

- Some people would think that this goes along with consistency, but I see it as a very different thing. To me being  dedicated means that you have your priorities in order.Lots of people like to say, “Getting in shape is my #1 priority”, and yet week after week I have to hear why that particular weekend was a “special occasion” or just a bad weekend all together. Guess what, you can still get fat on special occasions. Dedication means that no matter what happens, your goals come first. I will break this down for you, it means that when you are on a "cut" you pass on alcohol and dessert when you are out with friends, you bring food with you to gatherings that you KNOW will have shitty food, and you stick to your meal plan NO MATTER WHAT. That is what dedication is.
After reading through all of this, I want you to honestly admit how many of these 3 you have. My guess is that if you are not happy with the results you are getting you are missing one or more. Take some time to refocus on your goals, and if you are a Train Insane member set up an appointment with a coach so that we can help you get there. In order to get something you have never had, you will have to do something you have never done!

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